This is E.T's first year as an official club at LMC. We hope to join interest with fellow STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students on campus. Our goal is to build a community with these students and allow our STEM students to work on projects aimed at helping the campus.



This first year goal is to start a foundation for future students at LMC to have a community of engineering and science majors alike to join. Get help with peers in your class, meet friends in the same major, and learn about particular profession in your major. Along with creating a community of STEM students, we want our LMC students to get a taste of what it's like working on engineering projects. Our first project, planned to be completed fall semester of 2015, is a NASA run competition. Check the link above for more details. We aim for our first year to do projects that can better help the campus and the students that attend this campus. Our projects will focus on aspects of engineering like group work, 3-D modeling, cost and constraints, and material testing.  We allow all of our club members to propose ideas and projects they see fit for our club.